Thread Trunk

December shipment went out December 2nd! To get in on the January 5th shipment, sign up by December 20th.

This is a monthly subscription that will help increase your stash of thread colors and inspire color schemes in your thread work.  Here is what you’ll get each month:
  • 5 spools of Madeira Polyneon No. 40, 1100 yards each(threads will need color preserver)
    • The colors will vary each month but will coordinate with each other
  • 1 Pattern
    • May be an old pattern displayed in the monthly themed colors
    • May be an altered pattern to create a new pattern
    • May be a brand new pattern created by Hector Rojas
  • Step by step guide with detailed instructions that you can download from your account on our website
  • Free shipping
All of this for ONLY $28 per month!  Click on the Subscribe button below to sign up now.
*International customers will have additional shipping costs.

Previous Thread Trunks:
March 2017 – Lucky Charms
April 2017 – Flowering Cactus
May 2017 – Sun & Sea

June 2017 – Blushing Bride
July 2017 – Peacock
August 2017 – Lollipop Swirl

September 2017 – Petina

October 2017 – Caramel Apple

November 2017 – Pumpkin Pie

December 2017 – Christmas in Paris


January 2018 – Lavendar Essence

February 2018 – Berry Delicious

March 2018 – Stormy Night

April 2018 – Brilliant Bloom

May 2018 – Cat’s Eye

June 2018 – Sleek Kitchen

July 2018 – Citrus Delight

August 2018 – Plaid Picnic

September 2018 – Lobster Bisque

October 2018 – Autumn Leaves

November 2018 – Calm Seas

December 2018 – Christmas Cranberry


January 2019 – Hershey Kisses

February 2019 – Cupid’s Arrow

March 2019 – Lemon Sorbet

April 2019 – Peaches & Cream

May 2019 – Crown Royal

June 2019 – Watermelon Wonder

July 2019 – Surf’s Up

August 2019 – 80’s Neon Orange

September 2019 – Thor’s Hammer

October 2019 – Merlot

November 2019 – Bird of Paradise

December 2019 – Christmas Pine

January 2020 – Coming Soon!


Additional details:
  • Our goal is to not repeat any thread colors for at least 5 years.  Obviously, it may happen from time to time so if it does happen, you will be able to exchange that duplicated color for another color of your choice.  Shipping costs will apply for exchanges.
  • No refunds.  We will gladly exchange a color, if it has not been used.  Shipping costs will apply.
  • Subscriptions will be mailed on the 5th of each month, unless the 5th falls on a Holiday or we are out of town attending a gathering.  Please check our Events calendar for a listing of shipping dates.
  • New subscribers need to sign up by the 20th of the month in order to be included in the next month’s shipping (i.e. Sign up by December 20th to receive the Januaryr 5th shipment).
  • You may cancel your subscription at any time, but please do so at least 15 days prior to the next shipment.
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