Are We Selling Other Brands?

First of all, thank you all for your incredible support as we have launched our thread business.  We have been so honored to have so many comments and questions about the threads.  The most common question we have gotten is “Are you going to sell other brands?”  In short, at this time we are only selling Madeira Polyneon No 40 threads.  That does not mean that we will not consider selling other brands in the future.

The deal is, Hector has used Madeira for many years in his rod building and loves the quality of Madeira threads.  They tend to really hold up under the pressures of tension, wrapping, and packing.  Even with a slip or two of the packing tool, the Madeira threads do not tend to fray or look beat up by the end of the wrapping process.

In addition, the Madeira threads take color preserver very well.  While just about any color preserver will darken your threads, we think that the Madeira threads hold their color just a bit better than other brands.

Do not misunderstand, we love all threads and Hector uses all threads.  But, when it comes down to building a custom rod for a customer, we prefer the Madeira brand.  Therefore, we are passionate about the Madeira brand and feel it is a great fit for our business, as well as your business.

We love getting questions, comments, and feedback so keep ’em coming!

Keep calm and wrap on!

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