Frosted Matt

Those of you with the new color charts have seen that there is a new thread by Madeira, the Frosted Matt thread.  Hector talked to Madeira yesterday, because they are working on another project for our customers, and learned more about the Frosted Matt thread.  We think you’ll be excited to learn what Hector learned.

Madeira’s Frosted Matt thread is a polyester thread that has a ceramic ingredient that provides extreme color fastness.  This color fastness makes the thread extremely resistant to sun exposure.  The thread has a matte finish which provides great clarity.

So, the part you have been waiting to hear…this Frosted Matt thread supposedly requires no color preserver.  Yes, you read correctly…this thread is a NCP thread.  Of course, Hector wants to test it before officially claiming that the CP is not needed.  And,  as soon as we get the spool that Madeira is sending us, we will put it on a rod and test it out.  Of course, we will post the results to our Facebook page.

The even better part, the Frosted Matt spools are 2700 yards instead of just the 1100 yard spools of PolyNeon and is the same size, No 40.  There may not be as many colors as the PolyNeon, however, there is a nice variety with over 180 colors.  What becomes evident really quick is that this thread has the potential of saving you a lot of money.  We will keep you posted on our sample results.

Keep calm and wrap on!

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