Get to the Bottom of Your CP

As Hector was working on the donation rod last week, he mentioned that it was getting difficult to get the color preserver out of the bottle with his brush.  He was using a 4oz bottle of CP and a disposable paint brush and just dipping the paint brush in the bottle.  This system worked well while the bottle was full, however, as the CP was used and the bottle was getting close to empty this system wasn’t as effective.

At first, I thought he should just pour some CP in one of the cups he uses to mix epoxy but then quickly realized that a lot of CP would be wasted.  It would also be time consuming trying to get the left over product back in the bottle.  Being a little crafty myself, I knew there had to be something in my stash that could solve his problem.  And, I was right! 🙂

I remembered that I had used little paint cups as sample cups years ago in one of our other businesses.  Lo and behold, with a little searching, I was able to find a package of them – woohoo!  And, they were perfect.  Hector poured a little into the small paint saver cup (really not as large a cup…maybe holds a teaspoon or so of liquid).  It is absolutely perfect because it isn’t very deep and the lid snaps on to preserve the CP.

No waste + No mess = Perfect Solution


These little paint saver cups can be found in most hobby stores in the paint department.  And, they are inexpensive.  Mine came in a pack of 12 for about $3.00 at Hobby Lobby.  I looked them up for you and found they are actually called Mix N Store Paint Pots.

These little pots have many different uses but for now, they will serve as your CP Saver Pots. 😉

Keep calm and wrap on. ~Melody

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