Transition Packs

We are so excited to bring Transition Packs to you!  While I am known for putting colors together, this idea was all Hector.  After hearing me talk about complimentary colors and how to use the color wheel so many times, he was inspired to create the Transition Packs.

It has taken quite a bit of work and thought to make these packs work.  What Hector wanted to achieve was to transition from one color on the color wheel to its complimentary color, across the wheel.  We tried shading the two colors and blending them, but didn’t think it made the colors pop.  Finally, we literally transitioned from one color into the other color.  So, if you are wondering why there is kind of a neutral color in the middle, that is why.  Just think if you were to mix the two colors together, in this example a violet-red with a yellow-green, it would muddle into a brown or grey.

I am such a visual person.  I thought showing you some pictures might help you “see” how we accomplished these packs.

Here is a picture of the color wheel with the two complimentary colors that we wanted to transition from and to.  In this example, we transitioned from Violet-Red to Yellow-Green.  You’ll notice that they are directly across the color wheel from each other.  If you were building a rod, putting these two colors next to each other would really help you make the cross wrap pattern pop.

Looking at this wheel, you can also see why using the shading from one color and trying to blend / transition it into the shading of another color would not produce an exciting and eye popping transition.

Hector did use a little help to get the color to transition pretty seamlessly…and I gotta admit, I was pretty hooked once I saw the tool in action.  The tool he used was the CWP tool from Ademir of Cross Wrap Pattern.  You just pick the two colors that you want to blend/transition from and to and then click the button – Voila! you have the transition colors.  I’ll tell you a secret…we didn’t use all 10 of the transition colors…we started with the first color and then skipped every other color until we got to the second color.

As you can see, you can create any color combination that your heart desires and that your imagination will allow.  There are literally unlimited possibilities!  Show us what you come up with, we’d love to see.

Check them out in our store, if you would like a close up view.  We will be adding more transition packs over the next week.

Keep calm and wrap on!

Melody 🙂

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